Email List Database Creation Service

Email list database creation

Email list database creation

The first task on most of the people’s daily schedule is to check their email. If we can communicate with them using the mail, it will bring the optimum result we seek. But first, before starting this kind the campaign, we must establish a database that is consistent, up-to-date and as widespread as possible. You can collect email addresses through your website. But for that your web content needs to be amazing, precise and trustworthy if you want people to subscribe your newsletter or eBook. You can set up an online contest on which participants need to submit their email address to participate or you can encourage your subscribers to forward your mails to their friends or to share your contents on their social media wall. Utilize the power of social networks; use your Facebook page or wall to promote an offer that requires an email address submission. Applying ways like those you may build a large email database or you can hire some experts to do that more potentially.

To make the database successful it is of supreme significance to collect the information from reliable sources. We have working experiences to make Email list database creation. If you are looking for email addresses of various companies to improve your business leads, we are perpetually available to assist you with that.YottaBD using its high range of experience regarding email database creation can help you to make your own database that will make you noticeable to the customers in a wide scale.We possess a rich worldwide email database collection.We do it by following these steps-

  1. Make prospect list according to the Industry
  2. Find the desire title, name, email, phone, address.
  3. Use company website, linkedin, Jigsaw.
  4. Verify email address by using Mailtester, Rapportive and other tools.
  5. Maintain spreadsheet to give the list of email addresses.


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