Email Marketing

email marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most competent and economic means to communicate with your customers. A solid email database is incredibly valuable for any company but for that you need to gather public email addresses first. Gathering email address is very essential for follow-up marketing and to boost your sales. You can collect email address by putting Newsletter subscription feature to your website or blog. But the problem is, most online users avoid the sign-up option for their first visit or due to wrong optimization sign-up/subscription feature never come to their site. Don’t put subscription link at any hard to find corner or bottom of the page rather use visually compelling pop-up feature for subscription invitation. People love to get gift, try to attract them offering discount coupons on various products or give them a free e-book download link, now they may consider about newsletter subscription.

The Benefits….

  • Cost effective: Fast acting, flexible focused campaigns equal maximum return on investment.
  • Highly Targeted: Dynamic, personalized content.
  • Immediate: Shorter lead times
  • Test and refine: Ensuring optimal results through continue improvement.
  • Measurable: Effectiveness of campaigns (ROI). Greater insight into customer behavior
  • Reach: Unlimited distribution globally, infinitely scalable

Our unique Email Marketing strategy is one of the best online technologies to assist you in your business needs. Being an online marketing professional YottaBD in highly capable of planning and executing Email marketing campaign for your company through the following steps-

  • Building the permission based mailing list
  • Building the content
    1. Establish the type of email to be used
    2. Establish the frequency of emails to be received by the subscribers
    3. Construct the content to be emailed.
  • Supporting the campaign through other media
  • Setting the budget / level of commitment
  • Setting the metrics
  • Making the campaign sustainable.

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