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Instagram Marketing

Since its beginning Instagram had imposed thousands of online marketers to consider Instagram for their business. Because Instagram is one of those very powerful Social Media Platforms that reshaped our social activities. Instagram has over 400 million users, about 80 million photos are being posted everyday and over 3.5 billion likes each day and it overtook Twitter long ago. That is surely a pretty big crowd of people. Instagram is such popular because of its distinctive media sharing feature. Instagram is all about pictures and short videos, and both of those items attract the young much. A picture is far more descriptive than a thousand lettered article and that is why Instagram is a perfect place for social media marketing. You can attract your customers here easily with an eye-catching picture or with a short video. Unlike facebook, Instagram delivers your posts to all of your follower’s home feed, thus it saves your money and time a lot and reaching to your customers gets easier. We will discuss about pros and cons of Instagram some other day. Our today’s article is for those who are willing to promote their business on Instagram or want to get their products reached to some more audiences but actually don’t know how or with what should get started. Or for those who want to learn Instagram Marketing as a beginner.  But if you have already been started, then make sure you’re applying appropriate ways. So here we go…instagram marketing

7 Instagram Marketing Tips:

01. Stick to the rules: It is surely vital to know and to understand the limits you are going to face on Instagram before you get started. Use Google to find most common limits of Instagram and try not to go beyond those limits otherwise Instagram will track your suspicious behavior and eventually your account may fall in danger. Don’t use tools that provide auto likes, auto followers or auto comments. Using those tools you may have vast amount of likes, comments or followers but none of them are going to convert into customer any how. Better an empty house than an ill tenant. Try to find those people who liked posts like yours and follow them but not all of them, visit their profile, guess he/she is real or not. Don’t follow people whose accounts are private, because private account holders follow back very little. Follow not more than 60 people and hour, wait and check if they follow back within 2-3 days, if not unfollow them. Unfollow those people who already have unfollowed you, you can find those people using some paid or free tools out there.

instagram marketing hashtags02.Use relevant hashtags: A hashtag is always a great way to reach more and more audiences and to spread your brand among Instagramers. Unlike other social media platforms Instagram is very familiar for hashtags. According to a research a post with hashtags reaches double amount of people than a post without any hashtag used. hashtags provide you those followers who are relevant to your content in other words they are likely to be your customers someday. So it is clear that Hashtags are largely beneficial for marketing. But it works only with relevant hashtags to your products. In example, imagine you’ve posted an image of “A pair of shoes” with a hashtag “umbrella” this way you may have some likes even comments also stating “wow, nice, tremendous” but in reality you never get those real time people who are really interested about “A pair of shoes”. So always use only and only relevant hashtags for your posts. Keep in mind that hashtags are one of the most vital elements for Instagram Marketing.

instagram marketing hashtags03. Apply cross sharing method: Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t have repost feature as we have on twitter or on facebook. But that is not so big problem as other think. Still you can do something better than that. Every time you posts on Instagram share that to your twitter and facebook acoount and do the same thing when you post on facebook or twitter. Applying this method you will have consistent branding across all social media platforms and of course this way you may optimize your social media feeding pages for search engines also.

instagram marketing 04. Respond to your followers: Successful marketers always respect their customers. You should always keep in mind that your followers aren’t simply followers; some of them will surely convert into customer someday. Likes those people’s posts who like yours, reply and comment back to their posts who comment on yours. Engage with them as much as possible.

instagram marketing05. Always post quality contents: Make sure your follower are not getting bored with your posts, only post those kinds of content what your followers like most and provoke them to comment on your post. Avoid Images with low resolution or with very bad color rendering. Overlay your images with beautiful quotes and put a tiny little url of your webpage at any suitable corner. If you don’t have much content of your own product then use free image that relates to your product. You can find them easily on Google. Keep minimum 1 hour of interval between each post. Keep in mind Quality is highly beneficial to your marketing strategy.

instagram marketing rich profile06. Try to build network with rich profile holders: Find some rich profile on Instagram who are marketing for products like yours. Share their posts on your feed, give them credit, tag and mention them so that they get notified about. If you are lucky enough they may also post your content to their feed and here comes the success

instagram marketing analytics07. Use Analytics: Using apps like “Instafollow” or website like “com” you can keep an eye on your growth. Those analytics may help you to find out some helpful tricks of Instagram marketing. Build a statistics using those analytics and find the proper time for posting or following people. Apply different methods constantly and check how curves behave, don’t let them go down.

Tricks mentioned above are proven effective for many Instagram profiles. Applying those tricks we got 20k followers on organically over a period of month. Now it’s your turn…

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  1. How bout some apps and tools? I’m convinced that it’s impossible to market smth on Instagram without apps. i can’t imagine my everyday activity without Zengram, i’d be spending at least 3 times more time. And it’s crucial to know your stats as well, so you can target people better. What do you think about making another article on Instagram applications? I’d be glad to read it. Thanks!

  2. Hello Kev,
    Thank you for the comment. We have plan to make a post on Instagram applications. And your recommended Zengram app based on RU.

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