Pinterest for Business: All you need to know

Pinterest for Business

pinterest-for-businessPinterest is one of the fastest growing Social Media platforms and it is far more business friendly than any other social networking platform, because Pinterest pins are 100 times extendable than tweets or facebook posts and that is also why new entrepreneurs are choosing Pinterest for business purpose. Alongside in Pinterest you have convenience of having an account that is specially featured for business purpose only. In those accounts you will get added marketing features to promote your business or brand widely and a golden chance to join Five Hundred Thousand businesses with Pinterest for Business accounts.

It is recommended to have an official Pinterest for Business account in order to get full advantages of Pinterest’s marketing potency. But still you have a lot to do with your personal Pinterest account. Here we will discuss how you can set your profile perfectly or optimize your Pinterest contents for business purpose. It may prove to be beneficial for beginners.

21 Ideas to optimize Pinterest for Business purpose:

In the following we have mentioned 21 easy to execute ideas to optimize Pinterest for business purpose. All of those tips are highly recommended by many renowned Pinterest experts.

  1. On Pinterest profile name plays many vital roles. You have to make sure your business name is exposed on your profile name. If you already have set up profile name with something else then change it according to your business name, it will really help you to spread your brand among people.
  2. In “About” section add a paragraph that describes what you re interested in and who exactly you are. Keep it precise and descriptive too. It helps people to get information about you and your business.
  3. Add your Twitter and Facebook account to your Pinterest account; it will help people who are already connected with you to find you on Pinterest. Make sure you have used same profile picture on all social media sites. If you have several businesses, build several set of profiles on different social media platforms using respective business info.
  4. To increase engagement pin lots of relevant contents and only quality contents.
  5. If you have a website for your business put that url into About section and of course with pin’s description. This way you can get a lot of traffic to spread your brand.
  6. Give interesting and creative names to your boards. People often ignore a board with long descriptive name, so keep it precise to your contents as well as concise.
  7. Like other’s pins frequently and keep commenting constructively. This way you can increase engagements with your future customers.
  8. Tag your friends and other users on your pins who are interested in your products, so that they may consider buying something from you in future. You can also tag some rich profile holders in your pins, so that someday they also may share your pins on their board.
  9. Variety is badly important on Pinterest, so pin from different sources not just one or two blogs.
  10. Pin relevant pins of other users to your board, it works as retweet or repost. The user whose picture you repin gets notification via email and they feel to be credited and you get the most important thing on social media marketing “Engagement”
  11. Pin relevant videos to Pinterest, you can easily find them on Youtube. There are far less videos than images on Pinterest, so this way you may have a chance to be bookmarked by video enthusiast people.
  12. Give attractive and creative descriptions with every pin because they remain with your picture even your pins get repined thousand times.
  13. If you have company website, put pin button on every post you have on your website. Optimize your website contents for Pinterest so that people can easily pin your contents to their profiles. You can use Pinterest’s creative option to add your pins to your website as blog post.
  14. Try some free Pinterest tools out there to help you in building rich business profile on Pinterest.
  15. Keep tracking special occasions and festivals of your targeted business area and pin wise those festivals.
  16. Find relevant keywords to your business and use them into pin’s description.
  17. If you’ve used WordPress as CMS of your website, put a widget named “Pinterest Widget” to the sidebar, it will show recent pins of yours to your visitors.
  18. Create a board with pins thanking those people who bought, used or appreciated your Products. This way your followers will be impressed and may consider about buying something from you.
  19. Pin about the recent Offers going on your different products.
  20. Create a board with discussion purpose and allow your customers discuss about different issues of your products.
  21. Respond as quickly as possible to after sell support issues as customer support is the fast and foremost key to success in any business.

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