Privacy Policy

YottaBD is introducing its client’s a safe and secure policy along with acceptable terms and condition. At YottaBD we are always dedicated to managing our client’s valuable information. Our confidentiality makes us one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies worldwide. Observe the below description about how YottaBD is collecting data from their client’s and information about the privacy policy.

Agreement: By receiving our services, you are required to correspond with our privacy policy. We are highly concerned about collecting our client’s valuable information. If you wouldn’t like to make an agreement between us, then please avoid sending us any information that may harm both of us.

Taking Care of Information: YottaBD always takes care of its valuable contents and services along with the client’s information. YottaBD is always governed under the law and jurisdiction of the Government. We take care of our client’s credentials under the ordinances of the law as far as possible. Beyond that, YottaBD doesn’t take any obligations for whatever damages or financial losses incurred as a result of sending information between both parties.

Copyright: Every contents and service are fully copyrighted, owned and licensed by YottaBD only. YottaBD is always committed to ensuring the security of valuable information which is provided only by YottaBD. Our data storage system is 100% secure and confidential. On that point are no third parties between YottaBD and the clients. If clients provide wrong information, in that case, YottaBD doesn’t ensure any security for that.

Asking for Information: YottaBD may ask for the personal information only through the YottaBD contacts, such as email ID, phone number, IP details, and so on. These all are just for our record. So you should save our contact details in your email settings. YottaBD will never ask for your personal information from outside. If it happens, then inform us as soon as possible.

Any information we ask is only for the record of our services and web contents, so that our clients may apply our services without facing any difficulties. In the processing of taking in our client’s valuable information on that point are no third parties rather than YottaBD itself. If our clients submit their information to any other third parties, YottaBD won’t take any responsibilities.

Cookie Policy: Whoever knows about the internet, should know about cookies. These files are located on your hard drive if you allow them to as well as generate information about the user. These files also let the user visit any particular site smoothly.

YottaBD also asks for the permission to place cookies on your computer. YottaBD uses its cookie policy to analyze the web traffic and the usages of their services. This policy also helps to know more about the client’s choices, so that YottaBD may increase their quality services for their respected clients.

We also receive social network cookies, which also facilitates us to cognize about the social activities of our clients. All of these cookies are just for more dependable communication between YottaBD and their guests. YottaBD doesn’t do spying on their clients, so their clients mustn’t worry about this service.

Third Party Team: In some cases, YottaBD may use third party marketing or advertising agencies for the purpose of our marketing promotion. They can be reliable to you only if they are fully operated by YottaBD. We may discard your information to them if needed. Our 3rd party marketing team will oversee our marketing promotion as they are told with our guideline. That’s why our clients doesn’t need to concern about their valuable information.

Payments: Client’s are requested to make their payment on time as per the agreement and contract between YottaBD and them. If customers aren’t satisfied using the services we offer, we may refund the full payment but only as per the agreement between us. YottaBD will help and secure the full payment processing.

Services are Changeable: YottaBD may change its services and policies if required. It may be for improving our services and overall performances. We will continuously update our services and alterations on our blog. Clients are requested to visit our blog pages regularly and keep contacting us for this purpose.

Legal Action: YottaBD doesn’t sell its client’s confidential information to others. So that the clients must not sell our services, our documents, IT products, marketing methods to any other 3rd parties. In this type of cases, legal action may be taken as per the government’s law & regulation.

If you have any query regarding Privacy Policy, please contact us by email at [email protected]