Email Marketing: Tips, Tricks and Some Vital Tactics

What really Email Marketing is?

In general, email marketing refers to sending a commercial message or advertisement to a group of people you found online and provoking them to buy your products. Customers may be existing or a new one. Here email works as a communication system to enhance your relationship with your clients and convincing them to purchase something from you or to subscribe your services. The more efficient you are in encouraging people, the more successful you are in Email Marketing. To get success in Email Marketing you have to learn a lot.

Email marketing sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

In reality it’s not as simple as it sounds. Like other marketing businesses, email marketing too has some strategies you need to take before you go on. It’s not just sending a bunch of advertising emails to every single person in your inbox. You must understand the most effective way to draw customer’s kind attention to your product. Wrong process may lead you to a dead end or you could be filtered as a spammer and of course you know how harmful it is for online business. The most important thing and hard also in email marketing is to take your clients to your destination without bothering them anyway.

email marketing


10 Things you should be careful about:

  1. The subject line of your email advertisement should be no more than 40 characters, because if it is longer than that customers will see some part of your email chopped up. Right here your writing efficiency will speak out.
  2. It’s good to write your email in mono space fonts, it helps you to avoid unexpected space issues, improper lineup of bullets and other things. And you must write your email on some word processing program like Microsoft Word before putting them mail box. Writing directly on mail box is not recommended.
  3. Try to keep lines within 60 characters and try to include your brand in subject line.
  4. Make sure the addresses you are renting are most recent and updated.
  5. Make sure the people on the mail-order list permitted their name rental.
  6. Timing is another important thing. It has been calculated, Mondays and Fridays are most busy days in email world. Millions of personal emails are processed those two days. So try to avoid Mondays and Fridays for your marketing as it distracts your customer’s attention to some other non business issues.
  7. Keep sending emails to different clients uninterruptedly. In every email you send, the chance of success gets higher value, so don’t lose your hope. Re-arrange inactive list of subscribers and try to keep your client list updated.
  8. Always avoid rich media emails, because it takes your customer’s precious time and it’s obviously harmful for your business.
  9. Blow your customer’s mind with amazing writing quality because a good writing always returns the penny. Nowadays mobile devices are widely used for email reading. A recent study suggests 47% of all emails open through mobile devices. Check your font size for better readability on smartphones. Important parts of your message should be within a single full screen; because most mobile users read only first screen area and don’t scroll down if it’s not much interesting. So keep your email mobile device friendly. Otherwise you will miss a huge number of audiences.
  10. Try to avoid the word “Free” because some email programs allow users to delete emails having the keyword “Free” automatically. It detects the email as a spam and sender as a spammer. Everyone knows nothing is free in this crucial planet.


10 things you should abstain from:

  1. Try to avoid gorgeous or comic fonts. Your email should be well formatted and easy on the eyes of your clients. Remember, a well formatted email really helps to draw customer’s attention.
  2. Don’t send email without client’s permission. You can get permission from your product’s website newsletter subscription form. Sending email to people who never asked you to send something like that is avoidable. Otherwise customers will consider you as a spammer.
  3. If any customer gets attracted to your proposal, he or she will find a way to discuss further with you before purchasing products. So always use a working reply-to email address. Using broken or suspended reply-to email address is harmful for your business; you may lose your client this way.
  4. After sending emails stay online to watch up your results. Some customers may response immediately. Customers may ask you about your product or services you claimed in email. Answer those questions gently and try to convince your customers purchasing your product is not waste of money. Ignoring results nothing other than foolishness.
  5. Big image file or embedded videos, flash contents may bother some of your customers. So try to avoid those heavy elements if not necessary. Sometimes broken image file shows boundaries only without any image so check and recheck url of images before sending them fly.
  6. Try to avoid novel like long writings. It would bother your customer a lot. Nobody has enough time to read a boring novel these days. So try to keep your email short as well as well formatted. Though describing your products in a short passage is really a question of good writing skill.
  7. Sending emails too frequently may annoy your customer. Try to send at least one email per month but not a couple of emails in a single week.
  8. Avoid unnecessary greetings. Some people don’t like to be personalized among thousands. Trying to keep feeling your customer very special isn’t good thing always.
  9. You may not get success immediately after a single test. It would take time quite a bit, so have patience and keep testing. Don’t forget to test.
  10. Try to derive some unique similarities, specialties among conversations or successful deals you have with your customers, use those working policy next time to grip better in email marketing. So don’t stop thinking like genius.